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All the Fall sports preseason is over and the games have begun!! The Girls Varsity soccer program has rolled out to a 2-0 start! The Golf team has made it's way to the course with a tough loss to Monroe and some other challenges. The Boy's Soccer team was dropped due to lack of participation. The volleyball team and Girls tennis are in full force!! But the biggest start to this season if you haven't heard is the FRANKLIN VS. CARLISLE GAME tonight, August 28th at 7:30pm!!

From what we have heard the Pep Rally will be today at 1pm, Tailgating is going to start around 1-2pm. The field has been done up like no other with newly painted Indian heads adorning each side of the field and the whole town is decorated for the big game!

What better of an event to bring the town together as a rivalry like the Franklin game. It seems no matter the talent each team has this game whether be it soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and especially football it is the most interesting game of the year!! Mike Hartsock of WHIO and Kyle Nagel of Dayton Daily News were the only 2 out of 5 football experts for the Dayton Daily and WHIO to pick Carlisle to win tonight. That is pretty good that Hartsock is giving us props! This will be a HUGE battle indeed!

The Indian Football program has been working very hard for this moment and it will be a HUGE opportunity and statement to dominate and win this game! We know the coaches and players have poured a massive amount of work in the offseason from weightlifting back in the winter to practice on the field for the past month! All their hardwork has not gone overlooked and it should show on the field tonight!!

Great job to the Athletic Department, Football coaches, parents, and team for preparing for the game itself and all the way down to the look and feel of the field!!

Carlisle Daily will be on the scene all day today taking pictures and videos of the night's festivities and the game!!

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