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We had heard rumors but now have received word that Carlisle High School will not have a 2009 Boys Soccer team.

New coach Brian Ruzzo tried his hardest along with the rest of the 13 players to try to find new recruits to come out and play but unfortunately could not produce enough of a squad to play this year.

This is very disappointing to hear and we feel terrible for those 13 boys who did want to play. We hope those boys find somewhere to play this fall via select, club, or even recreational soccer.

Hopefully, someone can come in and build up that program that has been very solid for the last five years.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm confused...why isn't 13 enough players?

  2. Carlisle Daily News says:

    From what we hear it was 13 boys but a few might have been iffy and non-committal.

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