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Railroad Days seemed to be more festive this year than most. With the four large inflatable items for the kids and the extended booths set up! It was a very packed festival again this year in the smoldering heat!

It seemed that everyone we ran into was having a great time and there was great performances and music! Railroad Days is truly a great time for the family and an opportunity to take your children to something fun in the midst of little ole Carlisle.

Tomorrow we will be posting pictures from the parade and the festival!! The parade was also very entertaining. The skate team was awesome, the little cars were awesome to watch. It was seriously one of the better parades we have viewed in Carlisle in a while. No knock on the others but just seemed to have more components!

Now you tell us, how was your Railroad Days experience this year? Did you have a good time? What would you change? This is a serious time for comment about the FESTIVAL, not the people involved please! Let's here your stories and your possible concerns!

Thanks to all that labored to make Railroad Days a fun and exciting time for the family!!

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  1. Angie Barker-Koogle says:

    The parade was fantastic..the cheerleaders did a great job, the entertainment was good..seems like everyone had fun. The Big T's were great as usual..all in all looks like we are starting off the end of summer just right

  2. Stephen Tyree says:

    FREE BIRD!!!!!!!!

  3. Emery Kidwell says:


  4. Marcella Gilbert says:

    I liked the different set up, after I got used to it. There was no wasted space and more spread out which was nice. The bands were all great this year. I hope to hear them next year. I was disappointed in the items given away in the nightly raffle though......where was the Tradewinds tea?? Oh well, overall I would have to give an A-.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think it went well this year. It seems like there were more booths and things for the kids to do. It's a great family oriented event that the people of Carlisle look forward to each year. The parade seemed better organized too. I wish they would bring the pageant back since that was a tradition, and it just doesn't seem the same without it. All in all, I think it was good!

  6. Carlisle Native says:

    I would like to see some carnival rides there next year. I think it would retain people longer at the festival and allow the City to make more money. It was also nice to see some of "out" of the area food vendors this year!

  7. Anonymous says:

    it was fun

  8. Anonymous says:

    The kids had a great time despite the heat. It would be nice if there were some place in the shade for people to cool off and eat.

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