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All students will need 2 boxes of Kleenex and 1 container of baby wipes. An accordion file with 7 or more dividers needs to be used for all classesNo individual folders, markers or pens. Book covers are required for all classes.

Math Science

#2 pencils #2 pencils

composition notebook notebook paper - loose leaf

notebook paper – loose leaf index cards – 100 count (3 x 5)

Expo Dry Erase Markers (4-pack) 1 box Ziplock bags (quart size)

Calculator* colored pencils

1 notebook of paper

*TI-15 by Texas Instruments- This is required due to the Achievement Test. Other calculators may be the same price yet are too advanced for the functions that are necessary for the Achievement Test. Cheaper calculators often do not do the necessary functions for the Achievement Test. The calculators may be purchased online, or from the PTO in August or September.

Social Studies Language Arts

ruler pencils

colored pencils composition notebook

notebook paper – loose leaf colored pencils

pencils 2 spiral notebooks

notebook paper – loose leaf


*Novels will need to be purchased throughout the year. They will be announced in advance*

Read 180

set of headphones with a microphone (no sharing because of lice)

index cards 100 count (3 x 5)

1 box of Ziplock bags (quart size)


notebook paper – loose leaf

1 folder with 3 hole fasteners in the middle

***Additional items may be needed as the year progresses***

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