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Written by Rick Amburgey: Some people have been inquiring with the city as to why there are people taking pictures of property in Carlisle.

The answer is simple. The city is updating their records. The city has ZonePro software that allows them to save pictures that correspond to the property information. City Manager Sherry Callahan said several shots are being taken of each property. She added that in some cases city officials may be able to use the photos to answer questions over the phone to give residents an immediate answer without having to physically go to the property.

The photo and records are public records, so residents are permitted to come in and obtain copies. Anyone with questions should call the city at 746-0555.
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  1. Sharon L. Byrd says:

    This is a great idea of all the property in Carlisle. It can be used in so many ways. I hope it can be used not only by the zoning department, but the fire department, the police department, and perhaps the joint emergency medical service as long as all these people have access. House numbers are not always easy to find. How much is it going to cost the city for this service? Was this job bid upon? Wouldn't it have been great if this information could have been given to all the people in the city along with the intended use, the cost of the project, the length of time it is anticipated to take? Did anybody out there and Carlisle world know about this besides Rick? Isn't this the sort of thing that Council would let the citizens know about before someone had to call them? Thanks again Rick.

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