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No one wants to believe it but we are halfway through this year already. That is right half way through this year. Many people will celebrate Christmas in July and many people will begin Voting in July. Though both of these actual events are 5 to 6 months away. There are many events that are around many areas celebrating Christmas in July. And there are many rumors, articles, and debates around about issues that must be voted on in November but are already being discussed here in July.

We found this article in digging around about potential levies. This is another levy that has caught the eye of most residents on making up the difference between Ted Strickland's budget cuts on the Public Library Funds.

Read the article for yourself and let us know how you feel by clicking here!

"Ohio libraries have been busy contacting their local government officials in a rush to prevent Governor Ted Strickland's proposed budget cut of Public Library Funds by $227.3 million over the next two years.

Strickland's proposal is an effort to help close a $3.2 billion gap by June 30.

A vote on Monday, June 29, was expected to discuss these cuts, but some libraries, like the Franklin-Springboro Public Library have been hurting even before Strickland's budget cut proposal.

According to the director of Franklin-Springboro Public Library, Anita Carroll, the library has already been in the process of having to cut services, staff, new materials and putting on hold necessary maintenance.

Already, the library has decided to put a 1 mill levy on the November ballot to help keep the library running efficiently.

"One reason we wanted to do the levy is because this library actually needs to grow," she said. "So that levy and the money from the state was going to allow us to grow."

However, if Strickland's proposed cuts are approved, the levy will only generate enough revenue to keep them serving the community.

"We'll be okay and we'll be able to keep our doors open," said Carroll.

A levy resolution from the Franklin-Springboro Public Library must be approved by the Franklin City Schools in order to be put on the ballot. The library's service district encompasses Franklin Township, Franklin City, Carlisle, Springboro and the western part of Clearcreek Township to Bunnell Hill Road. The Ohio Revised Code states that the Franklin City Schools can place a levy on the library's behalf for the entire service district. Therefore, the majority from the service district will decide the vote.

"This operating levy is a first for any library in Warren County, so it is kind of a new concept for the residents," said Carroll.

The bottom line is if the budget cuts by Strickland do happen, Carroll said, "Literally, we'll cease to be the library that everybody in this community has come to know and love. We just wont be able to do it anymore."

Story from Springboro Sun Jennifer Osterday

Read the article for yourself and let us know how you feel by clicking here!
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  1. Michelle Peace says:

    When will the rumors stop or when will the levies stop? I suppose if it's the second question, the community needs to decide whether or not it wants/needs a's a public service that doesnt just operate for free. Can anyone provide or report on WHY the library needs the levy?? The original post in the Springboro Sun provided little ... Read Moreinformation. Surely there's been a budget provided to prove whether or not the levy is necessary?? ...and, if the levy doesnt pass, what services will be lost?? Before the community can adequately decide, should some specifics not be provided??

    Is the Carlisle blog meant to not provide unbiased information?? If the blogger means to take the position that they do not want a levy to support the library with the title "When will the levies stop?", they should provide some opinion as to what services they think the community does not need from the library.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I work at the Franklin Library so I know what is going on. It's just as the article says, we had to lay off people already this year and it's just going to get worse if our funds get cut like Strickland wants to do. The levy would absolutely be necessary. If the levy doesn't pass we will have to cut people and hours and tons of different programs, but mostly the kids programs. Yes more specifics should be provided. People like Michelle that are acting like it isn't that big of a deal, they don't realize what they will be losing. I'll talk to Anita about providing more information for the public sooner.

  3. Michelle says:

    Anonymous - I'm not acting as though it's not a big deal - it's a HUGE deal. My fear for the community is that they (voters) will not consider how integral the library is to their community in terms of access for people to do research, hone job skills, look for jobs, access the internet, develop basic or advanced reading skills, etc

    You have mis-interpreted my reaction to "when will the levies stop" title to the article which connotes to me that some people in YOUR community would not support the levy. As workers of the library, you need to supply information to the voting public in some other fashion.

    I am merely asking for more information for the community in a non-biased fashion. The community deserves that - and, if the library can help the community understand how dire the situation is by being clear about the specifics - that if the levy does not pass, this list of services will be cut, these people will be cut, and these hours will be cut.

    As someone who grew up in Carlisle and lived at the library, I'd be your strongest advocate. As someone who no longer lives in the community but wants to know what's going on, I'd like to see non-biased and thorough reporting. It's those IN your community who seem to take a "no big deal" or "no levy here" attitude toward the services you provide. Only you can change their minds - and you do that with information.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I was on the fence the whole time I was reading your comment. I thought that you support the library but wasn't completely sure and I just want people to realize what they will be missing if the library has to make cuts and things. I've asked Anita for more specifics for the public, because I don't want to give out information that her and the board may not want out. We'll see what happens.....

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