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Old Cleveland Indians logoImage via Wikipedia is a blog for High School sports and it seems that things are getting heated up with chats and discussion back and forth about the upcoming football season for the Carlisle Indians.

The Indians are hopeful returning many players from last year to make a solid run to the playoffs. The offensive line is back and is sure to stabilize the offense for the Indians.

Here is some of the talk on

Carlisle should have a blow out season, meaning they will blow out every team they will play. It should be an exciting year

You just opened a whole can of worms LOL, I hope the indians blow every one out. But do not make outragous predictions because I do not want to be eating my words at the end of the season if it does not go as well as I hope. All in all it looks like a great team Carlisle Indians PLAYOFF BOUND.

You will not be disappointed, and you wont be eating your words. The Indians will go far, many people underestimate just how good they really are. For a Div lV High School football team.. they are huge.

just because they are huge doesnt mean they will win games!

As you can see things are heating up for the upcoming season. We will begin our coverage next week as the Indians have been training in the offseason very hard to accomplish some incredible goals!!
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