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Recently, we did an article titled, This will be one wild election year for Carlisle City Council (Click on link to read) and we discussed how wild of an election this will be in little ole Carlisle. Well, within the School Board petitions continue to roll into the Warren County Candidate site. Since our last article there have been two more petitions turned one by Bryan Dunkman and Duane Patrick. And sources say that Travis Dale Swain potentially will not run but we have not yet confirmed. The school board with the many seats open will be a wide open election for those looking to serve for next year. Carlisle Daily will soon be posting information hopefully directly from each candidate for School Board and City Council in August.

If you are running for any of the positions open in the City or School please contact us for advertising space and information that we can post in our upcoming articles on the election at

With over 1500 visitors each week, and now 1,000 members/friends of Carlisle Daily on Facebook we will be sure to keep the election news coming!! Thanks for your readership.

Below is a current list of those that are running for Carlisle Local School Board.

Clay David 453 Sunset Dr Carlisle, OH 45005 7/10/09
Unexpired term Bryan Dunkman 8176 Meadowlark Dr Carlisle, OH 45005
Tammy Lainhart 6968 Miami View Dr Franklin, OH 45005
Unexpired term Joe Marinich 6025 9th Ave Miamisburg, OH 45342
Duane Patrick 5508 Glen Ct Carlisle, OH 45005
Unexpired term Travis Dale Swain 7771 Myrtle Dr Franklin, OH 45005
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