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Thanks to all of our readers and members who have joined the revolution of the hyperlocal site in Carlisle, We have reached new heights becoming a HUGE fixture in Carlisle. Evidence has been overwhelming. We have reached 1,000 members/friends on Facebook where we send all articles and postings immediately so that traffic funnels back to the site. All advertisers, articles, posts, pictures, and videos hit the site and then is sent off into social network land of now 1,000 members!! That is fantastic!!

Also, since our launch on May 1st we not only have reached HUGE goals on Facebook but our traffic has been soaring!! We have averaged close to 1,000 visits each week and close to 2,000 page views each week. That may not make sense to everyone but in a little city of 5,000 or so that is HUGE. We are excited and want to thank each and everyone for their readership, participation with comments on articles, and feedback to us as we continue this journey of providing quality news and information to the community.

We have had a huge response from those of you that have grew up in Carlisle and check back often on what is going on in your old hometown! We appreciate all the residents of Carlisle and past residents living across the country for your loyalty to the site!!

If you have any stories, questions, criticism, feedback, pictures, or even want to post your own stories please email us at We would love to hear from you!!!

Thank you Carlisle!!
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