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Dairy Queen is up and running and has been since last Monday, June 15th. Saturday night the Echoes of Light Photography Coaches Pitch Baseball team coaches decided to treat their players to a milkshakes after their first post season tourney win!

Dairy Queen was out of control packed. The baseball team was waiting for their shakes, the parents then all jumped in a line out the door to be taken care of, the drive thru was back into the New Market Basket's parking lot. There were the two owners running around helping the five to six employees in front and four to five employees in back at the grill! It was madness! But it was great! It is safe to say that this new ownership is definitely keeping the place staffed properly in their first week of business.

The blizzard, ice cream cones, and Icee freezes were distributed, food was being made to order and all in all IT WAS GOOD! Dairy Queen's new face lift by owners, Jenny Johnson and Jen Knoll is just what the placed needed and they are doing a fantastic job. The place is wonderfully managed, clean, and full of friendly service!

The ice cream cones are served with little smiley face candies pushed in for the kids and each child was leaving with a smile and joy of pure satisfaction. The grill food was coming out hot and delicious!! The icing on the cake is the unique way they server their blizzards! They take great pride and care in building the perfect blizzard. They make sure that the ingredients are proportioned through out the blizzard, not just caked at the top or bottom. Then when your order is ready they serve the blizzard to the customer upside down to show that the blizzard is a thick, creamy, scrumptious treat!

If you have not graced the doors of the new Dairy Queen yet! You are missing out! There is a line at times and a long drive through but this is not the old Dairy Queen! They are pushing out customers with great quickness, pride, and GREAT TREATS! Dairy Queen definitely is an A+ establishment, be sure to go get your ice cream fix or even lunch or dinner the first chance you get!
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