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The Graduation Class of 2009 walked down the stairs of the Carlisle High School gym one last time as a student this past Saturday! This years class of approximately 130 walked in the gym as a class for the last time.

The Valedictorians were Kellee Callahan, Kenna Goodrich, and Elizabeth McKinney who all gave moving speeches to their class and crowd about their time at CHS and the futures that are wide open for them.

The Class of 2009, also had a very interesting graduate that accepted his diploma. John Dearth, a vietnam vet, who in 1966 as a Junior at Carlisle was drafted into the Marines and was never able to graduate from High School. Dearth, who is fighting prostate cancer, wanted to get his diploma to be an example to his grandkids and family. So on June 6, 2009, Mr. John Dearth walked up and received his diploma from Carlisle High School to a standing ovation. It was a very moving experience and Mr. Dearth thanked the 2009 class for letting him be apart of their graduation.

What a year and time of memories for the Class of 2009. Good luck to all the students. The future is open, pursue your dreams, and never let anyone hold you back from accomplishing your goals!!

To leave your memories of graduating from the SAUNA of Carlisle High School gym and or leave a kind word to the 2009 class or individual click here!!
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