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Steering Committee of the Carlisle High School Alumni Association---A Steering committee has been formed for the purpose of helping provide direction and guidance to the Alumni Association.
The focus of this committee to date has been to advise the host class in the planning of the annual alumni dinner and to better communicate with the alumni. The members of the steering committee are listed below. We welcome any input from alumni on any matters of interest.

Comments may be directed to Dee Smallwood at the address below or the Carlisle High School Alumni Association at: P. O. Box 8294
Carlisle Ohio 45005

The steering committee members are as follows:
Charlie Chamberlain ('60) Chair
Thomas Poast ('63)
Mary Ellyn Kropf Sohn ('57)
Mike Leford ('59)
Mary Ann Hamlin Doliboa ('53)
Tom Hamlin ('45)
Rosalie Bevenger Carpenter ('57)
Delores Eby Smallwood ('51)
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