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Two Carlisle teachers earn recognition through Project Excellence!

Warren County's Project Excellence recently named two Carlisle teachers for their excellence in teaching! Congratulations to Cindy Donathan, third grade teacher, who is being recognized as Carlisle's 2009 Innovative Teacher of the Year, and to Carla Brown, primary special education teacher, who is being recognized as Carlisle's 2009 Excellent Teacher of the Year! Congratulations, and well-deserved! Those of us who work with you know how hard you work to make each and every day special for your students. We salute you!

Article found on CTA site here.

This is an excellent testimony of the hard work our teachers provide to our community!! We hope to bring more news just like this in the future. It seems you do not hear about these things, find these things, anywhere unless you dig a little. Our teachers deserve all the praise we as a community can give them!

Congratulations Cindy and Carla on such a great accomplishment!

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