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Driving by the Spaceships in Carlisle may even strike up your interest in extra terrestrial even more after last week. The wheat fields across from Ron Martz's property, where the spaceships are located, was blown over in weird mysterious line and circle patterns. Not just bent over slightly but rather pushed down and smashed. The field, owned by Jim Gross who rents to a local famer, was damaged last Wednesday night when storms and high winds likely what is called a downburst struck the field.
Picture from Middletown Journal
Staff photo by Pat Auckerman
It is just a strange appearance due to the fact only portions and large strips are smashed down like a steam roller went over just portions of the field. So leave it to the public to be mesmerized and in awe of the phenoma weather men call downbursts.

What do you think it was? A steam roller on a joy ride?, Crop circles by Aliens who want their ships back from Carlisle? or the simple downburst theory? Give us your opinion click here!!
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