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National Cemetery Memorial DayImage by Dustin C Oliver via Flickr

Take a moment, stop, listen, no matter the sound; silence, kids yelling in background, cars driving by, etc. That sound has come with a price. It is a price of freedom, it is a price that has been paid so that we can pause and be still. The ability to listen to those small sounds because of those who have fought so hard to protect this great nation.

Whether advocate of the wars past or present or against them, this country has had some outstanding men and women who have given their lives to fight, protect, and serve our nation at all costs.

Today, Memorial Day, Carlisle Daily would like to honor and remember those that have served in our military and fought for our right of freedoms and safety that many other countries do not have the luxury of experiencing. To all the military men and women we salute you and thank you for your devotion, service, and commitment to the United States!

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