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Jaeson Hudnall a 2005 graduate of Carlisle High School certainly left his mark on Carlisle sports. Jaeson a stand out athlete from Starting Varsity Quarterback to Starting Varsity Big Man in Basketball, and to a sensational Pitcher for the Varsity Baseball team. Jaeson won many honors in his days and in the halls of Carlisle High School. He is now making his mark at the next level!

After his playing days at Carlisle, Hudnall went on to Urbana College, a small college about an hour north of little hometown Carlisle.
He was named the 2008 American Mideast Conference Pitcher of the Year, as well as being a unanimous first-team selection in the league. He led the AMC in strikeouts (89) and ERA (1.75), as well as setting several school single-season records in wins (10), strikeouts (89) and innings pitched (92.0). After three years at Urbana, Major League teams started to take notice and the Kansas City Royals emerged and offered Jaeson a professional baseball contract to play baseball for their Single A Farm Team, the Burlington Royals. Click here for schedule and stats for Burlington and Jaeson!!

The status of going to a small school district, and a small college did not stop or slow down Jaeson. It pushed him even harder to succeed at a sport he so passionately loves and plays.

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Take a look at the Q&A with the life of a small town Carlisle hurler making into the big leagues!

Carlisle Daily: Who was your favorite player growing up? Jaeson: I have always admired any pitcher who throws the ball extremely hard and have passion for the game. But the two that standout are Nolan Ryan and Sandy Koufax.

Carlisle Daily: Have you ever Googled yourself? I did, got a ton of stuff back, nice job! Jaeson: I have. I had people start telling me they found me on there and youtube so I wanted to see for myself.

Carlisle Daily: What are your hobbies? Jaeson: Guitar, X-Box 360, Mall, Hanging out with the guys, and baseball. It's hard for me to accept it as a "job" even though it is.

Carlisle Daily: Who was your favorite team growing up? Jaeson: I was always undercover but I'm a Reds fan haha. I tried to deny it for years but I just couldn't help it. I was also a Braves fan because my grandparents rooted for them.

Carlisle Daily: What is your favorite baseball movie? Jaeson: That's tough, there are so many great ones but I'll go with Major League.

Carlisle Daily: What is playing on your iPod right now? Jaeson: It's on shuffle but Nirvana-In Bloom.

Carlisle Daily: Did you finish your degree at Urbana? If not, do you intend to or are you doing that now? What is your major? Jaeson: I haven't finished it yet but it is definitely on the to do list. The Royals owe me 2 semesters of school which is roughly what I need to be done. Hopefully I play baseball until my arm falls off haha, but if not I'll teach history.

Carlisle Daily: What were the adjustments from HS to Urbana to Burlington you have had to make? Lifestyle, fast paced life etc? Jaeson: Living on your own without your parents is a big part of it. Gotta make big choices and decide if they help or hurt your career. Living in a hotel is hard but it comes with the territory. The hardest part is being away from friends and family back home. I mean I have 100 friends on Facebook I see on everyday but it's just not the same.

Carlisle Daily: Who do you compare yourself to as a player? (Past or Present) Jaeson: Nolan Ryan or Rob Dibble. They attack hitters with the fastball a lot but can still get out's with the off-speed pitches.

Carlisle Daily: What is it like playing for a minor league team? Jaeson: It's fun. It's like any other baseball team just at a whole new level. We take care of business at the field then relax and try to have some fun after. Everyone is just biding their time trying to get to the show.

Carlisle Daily: How was your introduction to the Minors last year? Jaeson: It went well. I fit right in with the guys like I'd been there all season, they were really cool about it.

Carlisle Daily: Who was most intimidating hitter you faced last year? Jaeson: So far, I have yet to be intimidated by a hitter; but I did get to face Tim Beckham of the DevilRays which was the #1 overall draft pick in last years draft. So that was cool, a kid from Carlisle throwing against a $6 million man.

Carlisle Daily: Have you become an autograph frenzy sensation yet? Jaeson: Not exactly frenzy, but I've signed some here and there.

Carlisle Daily: Did you go to Spring Training this year? How was that experience? Jaeson: I did. It was a fun and hot time, wasn't really used to the Arizona heat but I love it. You learn almost everything that you do right and wrong and how to fix it the right way, so it's helpful and needed. Other than that we pretty much did the same things everyday but with baseball, that's how it goes.

Carlisle Daily: Your most memorable moment so far in the minors? Jaeson: Definitely, my first appearance. Just thinking about how all my hard work and dedication to the sport got me something I dreamed about everyday was mind blowing.

Carlisle Daily: What was your offseason like? Jaeson: Well that's tough. My grandfather passed away in November, so that was extremely tough and made me just want to sit around and be lazy. But after the New Year rolled around, I picked things back up and started lifting and running at CHS and Premier Fitness in Middletown. Thanks to Mark Matthews, I was able to do some throwing at Extra Innings in Miamisburg.

Carlisle Daily: So far what is the best park you have played in? Jaeson: In high school I got to play on the Dayton Dragons field so I'd say that. But as a minor leaguer I'd say The Kinsport Mets field.

Carlisle Daily: What are your goals for 2009 in the minors? Jaeson: Just to do the best I can and give the Royals a reason to keep moving me up the ladder.

Carlisle Daily: How do you think you will do this year? What spot are you in rotation? Or where you at on depth chart? Jaeson: I have done well so far so I expect the same during the season. I am a relief pitcher here so it's hard telling when I'll be used. But I'm ready whenever that time may be.

Carlisle Daily: What kind of advice do you have for the CBA Little Leaguers that aspire to play at the next level? Jaeson: Oh man, I could go on for days about this. Make good decisions. Don't ever let someone say you can't play in the pro's because your from little ole' Carlisle or even if you go to a small college. I don't know if they get much smaller than Urbana. If you honestly give everything you have got to get there, it's very possible...I did. Playing in summer baseball leagues is huge! You have to get your name out there and make people want you. That's where I got discovered was in Maryland at an All-Star game...Two weeks later I was a pro.