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Jason and Jory at Jory's Wedding

Sitting at your desk reading this article, many have never experienced the feeling of sending a son or daughter, husband or wife, brother or sister, mom or dad overseas to serve in our nation's military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. For the Brown family it has become a regular scenario.

This past week Mike Brown and Missie Norris of Carlisle have seen one son com
e home and another deployed. Jason Brown, stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, returned home on May 15th from his 3rd deployment, this time Afghanistan. Jason is a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army.

But as Mike and Missie reunited with one son, their younger son, Jory Brown was deployed shortly after on May 22nd to Afghanistan.
This is Jory's second deployment the first in Iraq in 2006 for 15 months.

Jory is 2005 Carlisle, Ohio Graduate, a Sergeant in the Army, He is a Cavalry Scout, which is combat arms. Carlisle Daily caught up with Jory's wife Erika "Hamilton" Brown, also a 2005 Carlisle graduate, and was able to ask her a few questions about the feelings of seeing her husband d
eployed for a second time and how her and their 2 children cope.

Carlisle Daily: How hard is it to see him leave?
Erika Brown: It is very hard to see him leave. I know it is his job though and I will support him no matter what. I get through it with lots of prayer and support from family and friends.

Carlisle Daily: Do you get to communicate with him when he is gone?
Erika Brown: The communication depends on where he is at the time. When he was in Baghdad he had a room with internet so just about eve
ryday he could at least e-mail or call me through Skype. This deployment is going to be a little different. They will be up in the mountains and with 1 internet cord and 1 phone.This is what I hear! I dont know for sure because he isn't there yet! I dont know when I will hear from him.

Carlisle Daily: How do your little one
s handle daddy leaving?
Erika Brown: The kids have done well. Bryce is handling it great this time. I was a little worried because he is a lit
tle more aware of this deployment. He has lots of questions. I just answer them the best I can and tell him we just have to pray for daddy. Our daughter Izabella is too young to understand what is going on. Which is good in some ways, but I also dont want her to forget what her daddy looks like etc. We bought Bryce a "daddy doll" last deployment and I will get her one too. You take a picture of daddy in uniform and send it in and they make a doll out of it. So cute! I also will show her lots of pictures.

Jory and son Bryce from his first deployment homecoming.

Through many prayers and much support the family is able to get through this time of sending their son, husband, daddy off to war through 5 deployments now. Many people will never know this feeling and will never know what it is like. For this family it has become all to common.

Updated on May 27, 2009 with brief Q & A with mom, Missie Norris.

Carlisle Daily:
How does it feel seeing one come home and one deployed?
Missie Norris: Like a blessing from God, knowing that they were protected and watched over and returned to us is such a blessing.

Carlisle Daily: How are you handling a total now of 5 deployments with your boys being gone?
Missie Norris: I am really getting tired of removing my yellow ribbons from my tree only to have to replace it a week or two later.

Carlisle Daily: How do you deal with them being gone?
Missie Norris: The only way I can deal with them being gone is knowing that they are in Gods hands and knowing that there are a lot of people helping me pray for their safe return. I do not know how a Mother can send her son off to war without sending him in Gods care. My Daughter in laws are great and I get to spend time with my Grandsons to ease the pain of their Daddy's absence.

Carlisle Daily: Do you have much communication with them while they are there?
Missie Norris: They call when they can, mostly they keep in touch with their wives, who in turn keep me updated on their well being. I am very proud of what my 2 Soldiers are doing, what they have accomplished and what they have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for our country.

We thank you Jason and Jory Brown. W
e are proud of each of you as you bravely serve our nation!! Our prayers and support go out to you and your family! To leave a note to Jason, Jory, and their family or simply a "thank you" for these brave men...CLICK HERE!!

Jason Brown and unit with Laura Bush (Pictures provided by family) Jory in Army Military Vehicle (Picture provided by family)

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