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It went from IGA, to Munafo's Jubilee, and now our local grocery store will be called the Market Basket. Mr. Munafo has given up the Jubilee and has leased the store to Mr. Ed Hinkle who will now run the new grocery store in Carlisle, the Market Basket.

The grocery store remains the same and no changes from what we have seen has been changed. It is good to still have the convenience in Carlisle to run down to the grocery and pick up your grocery list.

Locally, this doesn't change a whole lot but important news from a business standpoint in the city. Thanks Jubilee for the many years of service to the Community and we welcome the Market Basket to continue the service to the city.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I will patronize the new store as long as they maintain good produce and a meat dept. that can pack ground hamburger,chuck,and ground round in one pound trays. Seems like the butcher can only fill 2,3,& 5 lb. trays,(duh) is he missing his index finger ???? Now with that said,I wish the new owners all the success that they handle in their new Carlisle venture.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have not seen any major changes except it seems that their meats and produce is a little bit higher than it used to be.I wish them the best.(I really like the meat sell day and the specials on pop).

  3. Anonymous says:

    i think the store looks a lot cleaner. and the cashiers smile and are more friendlier. If there is things u want changed go in and talk to Ed or to the General Manager. Mr. Bishop am sure they could work something out. meat sale is a great ideal....

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