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This weekend is a continuation of a tourney that started two weeks ago in Madison. The tournament that was scheduled for May 15-18 was rained out and rescheduled for this weekend. Several coach pitch teams from Carlisle are participating and many have already won their first round matchups.

Keeton's State Farm team has won their first two games against Madison's Norvell Landscaping and Carlisle's Smith Echoes of Light Photography. Carlisle Jewell's Archery Shop won their first round matchup on May 15 and played at 10am this morning.

Carlisle's Sipps Buckeye Elite team won their first round matchup back on May 15 and will play against Carlisle's Fig Pot Belly Pigs team.

Carlisle's Smith Echoes of Light Photography team will play their second game today at 11:30am.

More results will come later this weekend!