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You Are Here: Home - carlisle , Ford Explorer , Police , Utility vehicle - Carlisle PD debuts new Police Utility Vehicle in Opening Day Parade!

Yesterday, Saturday May 2, the Carlisle PD debuted their new utility vehicle at the head of the Opening Day parade. The Carlisle Police Department purchased a Ford Explorer as a new utility vehicle to add to their fleet. It is an attractive vehicle and sure will make a great ride for an officer. Carlisle Daily has not seen any news on what the department's goals and intentions are for the purchase. We will report any news when we hear it.

This is a free community blog with the ability to not have attractive articles and this is Carlisle with not a lot of profound news. Many of you who come to the site will just enjoy the updates as we get them and report them. The greatest thing is for you to sound off and let us know how you feel or give follow ups to any and all reports.

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