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With the election nearly a year away things are heating up in Warren County. Mike Kilburn is our Warren County Commissioner but the way things are looking he shouldn't stay so comfortable. In a report in the Middletown Journal Kilburn says he is not too worried about his competition. “I’ve won 14 races (general and primary elections) and I know how to do it,” he said. “I’m total transparency and people know what they’re getting with me.They never have to leave a room or a meeting and wonder where I stand. I make it abundantly clear. I’m for less government, less spending and less taxes.” Kilburn has held the position since 1982 and has overcome every election with a victory.

This year could be different though. Kilburn has come under some fire this year with his statement on Obama's "filthy" stimulus money and his bold comments directed toward Warren County Common Pleas Judge James Heath's after he was pulled over under suspicion of driving drunk. He has had mixed reviews with his blunt personality of late and that could make things very interesting during the election.

This year, he will have some competition! There is speculation that potentially four or five men will throw their hat in; but two have already solidified themselves as candidates for the 2010 Republican primary. Tim Humphries, our very own Carlisle Mayor, and Tom Ariss, our former Warren County Sheriff, have declared they will run against Kilburn for the Warren County Commissioner seat.

This should be an interesting year in Warren County! Please be sure to keep up to date with the candidates and without a doubt do not forget to VOTE!!

What are your thoughts on the Warren County Commissioner and the upcoming election? The Carlisle Daily would like to know! Click here to Comment!!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am a past resident of Warren County. I was very disturbed when I read in the Dayton Daily News of Mr. Kilburns blantant rejection of the
    "filthy money" He obviously had a personal motive in the deliverance of that message. After reading in the last few days of his involvement in the Judge James Heaths incident, I see a personal motive in that situation as well. Someone who serves the public should not be trying to humuliate and slander publically a fellow citizen. I question his character?
    I pray that the people of Warren County do not re-elect Mr. Kilburn.

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