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Report from Middletown Journal:

Recently, the Middletown Journal ran a report on area schools and their graduation rate. The State of Ohio requirement for schools for 2008 was 9 of 10 students graduate. Carlisle results came in far above other schools in the area at 97.3% graduation rate!

This is an extreme honor in the area and really displays the magnitude of our teachers and administration on striving for excellence in training and teaching our children. The dedication it takes day in and day out from our teachers is remarkable. Their efforts should not be overlooked and praised for the positive results we are seeing in our community and area!

This also displays the hard work from our parents and students and their effort to not settle but to be their very best. Congratulations Carlisle School District from administrators to teachers down to the students and parents for working hard and achieving in the classroom!

From the Journal: "Carlisle High School graduated 97.3 percent of students, an accomplishment Principal Matt Bishop said involves a team effort by school staff, parents and students.

“I feel the staff at Carlisle High School takes a ‘try anything’ approach to getting our kids through while maintaining high expectations,” Bishop said.

Local grad rates for Class of 2008

Carlisle 97.3 %

Monroe 95.2 %

Madison 94.2 %

Edgewood 93.4 %

Franklin 87.4 %

Middletown 79.3%

Middletown 79.3 percent

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