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The Middletown Journal posted the area stats for the 2009 Baseball and Softball seasons for area High Schools. Carlisle Indians are pasted all over the list and rank high in many areas. The Baseball and Softball programs truly should be commended for the work that Coach Sizemore (Baseball) and Coach Ridinger (Softball) have done for the programs. These are two very hard working individuals that have poured their life into these programs and in turn have had great success. Winning records, College signings, leading stats in the area, and positive team efforts have really placed our players and coaches in the area spotlight. As a community, we should support our school programs, whether it be scholastic, artistic, and athletic these teachers, leaders, and coaches have done an excellent job in teaching our children the fundamentals of learning, playing, and performing. And in response to this the students, athletes, and performers have done a wonderful job taking what they have learned and excelling!

Here are some of our Baseball and Softball Season Leaders from the Middletown Journal:

In Baseball, Ben Dellaposta and Alex Leach is ranked 14th and 18th in the area in batting through 21 games this season. Dellaposta is hitting 30-68 for a .441 batting average and Leach is hitting 32-74 for a .432 batting average. Dellaposta is also 7th in the area with 18 Runs Batted In and Leach is 8th with 17 Runs Batted In. Alex Leach is 2nd in the area with 15 steals and Dellaposta is 9th in the area with 8.

Other notable hitters from Carlisle:
Jake Lamb 28-67 .41 21 games; 16 RBI
Michael Pearson 21-51 .412 15 games; 14 RBI; 6 Steals
Jake Gibson 14-36 .389 13 games; 12 RBI; 3 Steals
Nick McGill 15-44 .341 15 games; 8 RBI
James Bishop 20-60 .333 20 games; 16 RBI; 3 Steals
Tommy Gray 15-45 .333 19 games; 10 RBI
Jake Parrish 21-65 .323 21 games; 14 RBI; 3 Steals
Cory Keough 9-29 .310 19 games; 7 RBI
Zach Haddox 3 RBI
Tim Booth 3 RBI; 4 Steals

Two of our Carlisle Baseball Pitchers are leading the area in pitching James Bishop ranked #1 and Michael Pearson ranked #2. Bishop is 2-0 with 12 innings pitched 9 SO and 0.00 ERA. Pearson is 3-1 with 25 innings pitched 29 SO and 0.84 ERA.

Other notable Carlisle Pitchers and their rank in the area:
#8 Alex Leach 2-1 30 innings pitched 17 SO and a 1.67 ERA
#15 Jake Gibson 3-1 21 innings pitched 26 SO and a 2.41 ERA
#21 Nick Back 3-2 27 innings pitched 19 SO and a 3.41 ERA
#31 Tommy Gray 1-0 13 innings pitched 11SO and a 4.44 ERA

In Softball, Stephanie Reed is ranked 16th in the area in batting. Reed is batting 12-32 with a .375 average and 6 RBI in 14 games. Abby Hamilton is ranked 17th in the area. Hamilton is batting 24-64 with a .375 average, 5 Stolen Bases, and 7 RBI in 21 games.

Other area softball leaders in Carlisle:
Desirae Bryant 21-60 .350 in 21 games and 6th in the area with 14 RBI
Stefaney Turner 22-68 .324 in 21 games; 1 HR; 9RBI
Carolanne Pearson 10-33 .303 in 16 games
Elizabeth McKinney 10 RBI
Alexis Murphy 10 RBI
Blake Bolen 6 RBI, 3 Stolen Bases
Chelsea Boyer 4 RBI

Stefaney Turner is ranked 6th in the area in pitching. Turner is 10-7 with 115 innings pitched 129 strike outs with a 2.50 ERA. Desirae Bryant is ranked 10th in the area. Bryant is 2-1 21 Strikeouts with a 5.37 ERA.

Congratulations to all our players and the hard work they have put in this year to make our baseball and softball programs successful in 2009!!!

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