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The 2009 Advisors, Co-Advisors and Team Moms were selected at the CSCA Pee Wee Cheer election on Tuesday, May 19th. Many people have been asking who his advising, co-advising, and team mom for each grade level. Carlisle Daily has received the list of each Pee Wee Grade level. Congrats to each and every one!

2009 CSCA Pee-Wee Cheer Advisors and Team Moms

1st Grade: Advisor: Heidi Ragar, Co-Advisor: Stacey Young, Team Mom: Tina Kilburn

2nd Grade: Advisor: Janel Calvert, Co-Advisor: Rockie Maugans

3rd Grade: Advisor: Stacey Young, Co-Advisor: Judy Lingberg-Gentry, Team Mom: Nicki Griffin

4th Grade: Advisor: Katrine Mobley, Co-Advisor: April Banks, Team Moms: Ginny Neace and Tammy Slider

5th Grade: Advisor: Melodie Feltner, Co-Advisor: Kim Richardson, Team Moms: Tabby Keeton and Tracy Egleston

6th Grade: Advisor: Samantha Lee, Co-Advisor: Gail Nickell, Team Moms: Kim Kinney and Debbie Ragsdale